Thursday Workshops
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3 PM – 5 PM Thursday
Building Your Club-Specific Membership Growth Plan
Each Rotary club is different.   In order to grow membership, it is important to develop a growth plan that fits YOUR club.  First, we need understand your club’s recent membership history to diagnose the most important issues to address. 
In this workshop, we will provide each club president-elect with a membership worksheet specific to your club.  Next, we need to build a plan to address your club’s membership growth opportunities.  This workshop will provide both a diagnostic tool based on your club’s recent membership history combined with proven targeted actions that successful clubs have used for membership growth.
Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to identify whether attrition or attraction (or both) are impacting your club’s growth and how to diagnose the key membership opportunities to address.
2. Learn what targeted actions are effective in growing your club, based on the key growth opportunities identified for your club.
3 PM – 4 PM Thursday
Public Image
  • Rotary Brand Overview 
  • Elevating Our Image
  • Transforming through the Rotary Brand and The Rotary Journey
  • Creating Club, District, and Community Alignment through the Brand Center 
  • Creating Impact Campaigns through Social and Digital Channels
  • Promoting People of Action Campaigns to drive Club Success
4 PM – 5 PM Thursday
This session is designed to continue the discussion on why we exist in the first place:  Service. 
Here the focus is service via Foundation projects.
What does your service mean to your members?
Are you using Foundation-funded service projects as membership retention and recruitment tool?